The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Postmortem

…In which I explain the joke and therefore rob it of all power.

“The Rabbit’s Last Stand” is a small project that hopped out of my control, and good thing too. It started off as a lark, turned into a writing prompt, and ended as a story with an actual end.

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The Weekend Redirect – KITCHEN CRASH by Basilike Pappa on the site SILENT HOUR

Constraints can shape art. A good example is the band “The White Stripes.” The very limited drum skills Meg White brought to the table actually created a unique and successful sound.

Another great example is this piece called “Kitchen Crash” on Basilike Pappa’s amazing blog “Silent Hour.” Each sentence contains eight words, which match the number of letters in the word “omelette.” These self-imposed constraints shaped and informed the art.

While there, check out the rest of this site. It contains a great mix of poetry and prose. This is someone to pay attention to!


Silent Hour

‘It made my hair turn white,’ Dimitris said.

‘It formed stalactites in my mouth,’ Vassia said.

‘Seriously now, guys, it cannot be that bad.’ Christos mildly defended his cooking, fork in hand.

‘Go on, have a bite,’ Vassia urged, smiling.

‘A big one,’ Dimitris added, reaching for water.

Christos bravely thrust his fork into the omelette. He cut a piece thick with triple cheese. He brought it to his mouth and chewed.

Dimitris and Vassia watched attentively for his reaction. They saw every twitch that touched his face. Finally, the chewing came to a grateful stop.

‘Well?’ they said, their voices united in amusement.

‘You were right, too much salt,’ Christos admitted. ‘Like a sea wave crushing against my tongue.’

His elbow brushed against the bottle of wine. It pirouetted awkwardly and shattered on the floor. Christos’ face fell, exactly like his spirit had. Laughing, Vassia got up and brought…

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Creating A Villain, Then Taking A Shower Afterwards

Woof. Here’s the thing about writing. Sometimes it ain’t pretty. In fact, sometimes it is downright menacing for your health.

Take the latest story I have been working on in-between more serious ventures. Please.

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Disposable Fiction – The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Part Five – LUDICROUS!

Part FIVE?! Will no one stop me?! Someone call The Hague! An international crime is occurring. Okay, I’ve stopped.

No! Wait! I’ve begun again! Part FIVE of this fascinating tale begins…. NOWISH!

But first, check out PART ONEPART TWOPART THREE, and PART FOUR. You’ll be glad you did!

The Story So Far…

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