NanoWriMo Update 11/18/15

Word Count

Aaaaand, we’re up to 35,117 words.

I originally felt accomplished when I was writing 1,667 words a day: the minimum needed to get to 50,000 words by November 30th. Now it feels like I did a half assed job because my numbers are so low.

WRITING ADVICE: Writing the In-Between Times

You know that part when you’re on a trip and you are between places of interest? How the road falls past you and everything melts into one boring blur?

Now try to write that.

You need to get a character from here to there. Here, something exciting happened. There, something exciting will happen. But the transition from here to there… it just has to be written. You can’t merely plop them into the action and hope the reader catches up. A writer should trust their audience, but not THAT much. It will come off all slapdash like that horrible “World War Z” movie.

So how did Tolkien make the time when Frodo and Sam wandered in circles around Emyn Muil interesting? Answer: he didn’t. That part of the series is dead boring and people skip it in their recollections of the book. So, um, don’t do what he did?

As a kid travelling across states (real sized states, not that nonsense happening in New England), you had to make your own fun. On a long trip, I didn’t have an iPad or phone or electronics of any kind because we were Amish.

Okay, that’s a lie. It’s much worse – it was the 70s. We actually had to count signs and billboards. THAT was our fun.

God, the past sucked so hard.

Anywhoozles, one had to resort to whatever measures available to get the interminable hell of sitting in a hot station wagon with your horrible family to pass in anything other than geological time.

What I am saying is travel sucks. How to avoid that bad attitude in writing is beyond me at the moment because I only wrote 1,729 words today in the novel.

In movies, you compress time via editing. To me, editing is third draft business. This is first draft. If it’s the first draft for you too, be easy on yourself. It’s going to suck. Further drafts is when you polish the turd*.

For an instructive example, look at L. Ron Hubbard. He never edited. He only sent off first draft material. And he became the world-record-holding author of the greatest number of PROFOUNDLY TERRIBLE stories ever published. Also, he was a psychopath. There is no hell, but if I had the power I would build one specifically for him. But then again, I read “Battlefield Earth” so perhaps I am biased.


So to wrap up: travel is terrible, the 1970s were terrible, I’m not Amish, I need to write more, and L. Ron Hubbard can go suck it. That’s my writing advice for today!


*”Polish the Turd” will be the name of my memoirs, if I ever do anything worth remembering.