I Am LinkedIn!

Hi! I’m on LinkedIn!

I’ve been working on my LinkedIn profile, which even I have to say is so amazingly awesome that adjectives fail and drag themselves away whimpering when they try to describe my work history!


There are little-known facts about me in my LinkedIn profile that I think anyone (stranger or no) would find fascinating about me.

For instance, did you know that I was the Generalissimo at Taco Bell store #3421?

All hail the me!

I also held a prestigious position at the RAND Corporation.

Note: Hadragas the Eater is pretty chill

But I’m not “all work, no play!” I know how to get down. Among my interests are:

Levitation, thought control, dancing (erratic), fencing (fences), tar, acquisition, moving things while no one is looking and replacing those things with mysterious calling cards, bending the planet Mercury to my will, hiding needles in my clothes and hair, developing an “earthquake glove” and then deciding what that is, horticulture

I also patented the “Stink Finger,” volunteered at “Closing The One Hand Clapping” (where I wielded the “whip of volunteering”), care deeply about impact tremors and invertebrate enlargement, and support the fine organization “The Order to Enlighten the Seventh Daughter.”

I was even the director of “The Lucky Centipedes of Joy,” an organization which released ten-thousand centipedes, each with a small four-leafed clover painted carefully on their backs. Result: not good.

But hey! This is beginning to sound like a Match.com ad!

Learn more about my honors and awards, what job I am currently doing, my educational background, and advice on how to contact me at:

J.C. d’Andriole’s LinkedIn Profile
(A Quinn/Martin Production)

And be sure to tell EVERYONE how amazing I am at doing whatever I make up at the time.

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