Can Everyone Write a YA Novel?

In this redirect, Ryan Lanz asks if just anyone can write a Young Adult novel. He uses Sarah Dessen as an example in asking his question.

For my part, I REALLY agree with his notion that romance must be the hardest fiction to write. You really have a lot of pitfalls to navigate to make sure the story is entertaining and fresh.

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P.S. Editor’s note: Nicholas Sparks… blech.

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Particularly not, but considering the fact that almost every teenage girl can connect with Dessen’s stories, it makes us feel like anyone can write a good young adult novel as long as you can relate.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not discrediting this woman: she’s incredibly smart and I’m impressed that she can crank out so many YA books without making them seem like the most cliché stories you’ve ever heard. She addresses teenage problems, as if she was in the body of a teenager herself, and it makes people want to be her best friend.

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