Doilies, Motherf*****s!

New look, same old BS!

I went digging through the clip art, finding free fonts, honing up on my digital editing skills, shaking the dice, drawing the pentagram on the floor using sea salt (shout out to Aphrodite!), adjusting the gain, lowering the feedback, lifting the barge, toting the bale, getting behind the mule, eating

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah! A bit of a redesign here. It was about time I classed up the joint a little. As you can see, no doilies. But NOT from a lack of trying.

See what I mean about the lengths I’ll go to to avoid work? My laziness index is off the charts! Take THAT, school guidance counselor!

Anywhoozle, with a design like this, content is sure to follow. Right?