Life Intervening

Arg! Right in the word counts!

I’ve had to delay some of my editing/writing since for the next two months I’ll be in the middle of a move that takes me halfway across the country to points unknown. Well, they’re actually very well established, but why let an ugly fact ruin a turn of phrase?

This means that time normally spent reading, writing, NO arithmetic, editing, polishing, stripping prose, adding prose, crying, berating, giggling, and staring off into the distance slackjawed… in other words, any ten-minute block of my day… is also spent looking up schools, services, utilities, routes, restaurants, new doctors, social spots, and movers.

In the meantime, I would like to present to you the perfect representation of what is going on in my head:


But gul dern it, I’m still going to write!  Oh sure, trying to do a triple-gainer half-way across the United States and sticking the landing is tricky enough without adhering to an increasingly demanding writing schedule as well.

But I’ve convinced myself that writing is important, I want to do it, and I have story ideas flowing into me without cease. My inbox is filled with notes, my fingers are itchy, and I want to fill a white space up with stick-like black scratchings.

In the next post or two, I think I want to talk about what to do when you really don’t want to write, whether it be due to exhaustion, time, or the begging of your relatives. Do you have any ideas to incorporate into that post?