The Weekend Redirect: Balancing Life and Writing: When It Isn’t Exciting

Balancing Life and Writing: When It Isn’t Exciting by Nichole McGhie

When you’re on fire, writing is an exciting whirlwind made in equal parts of unicorns, spaceships, kittens, fireworks, and awesome.

But like anything else, that doesn’t last. And once the flash-blind heady rush flows away, you’re left with a fantastic first draft that really needs work.

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The Worst Good Writing Advice I’ve Received So Far

There are many rules about writing prose fiction. Any creative writing course will drill those rules into you. But don’t be fooled. These “rules” are merely guidelines that help you focus your prose. But they aren’t commandments. I think there is only one real rule so far as prose construction goes:

Rules about writing should be followed, unless they shouldn’t.

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Word Count: Struggling to Find My Rhythm Again

The consistently excellent J.C. Cauthon (J.C.’s for life, yo!) writes about my own Achilles heal: getting into the rhythm of writing.

Specifically, she writes about trying to find the groove of writing again. You know how it is: thousands of ideas, mere minutes of free time. Life intervenes. A move half-way across the country is intervening in mine. But once you start down the dark side of not writing, forever will it…

Damn, I am SUCH a nerd.

Anywhoozle, writing isn’t just a matter of getting the words on the page. You have to plan, work, cajole, beg, weep copiously, and outline.

After all, before you can run the race, you have to build the track.

This makes for sweaty work, and after a break it’s hard to resume the grind.

Couthon, although describing her specific problems, shows that writing frustrations are universal. I’m right there with you, Jessica. No time, and hundreds of ideas to fill that no time with. A mess of work to clean up a mess of a work.

What a glamorous life we lead!

Word Count: Struggling to Find My Rhythm Again

J. C. Cauthon, Author


Well, the kids were out of school from March 26th until the morning of April 4th, and I managed to get practically nothing written during that week.  I love my kids, and I do okay when it is just three of them, but as soon as that fourth one is thrown into the mix, word production tanks.  So, after a week of not writing, I am finding it hard to get back in the groove of things.

For one, I do not have a definite project to work on at the moment.  I have a ton of stuff to work on, but everything needs more brainstorming and organization before I can jump on any of them, and my novels need a lot more world-building.

Secondly, I have been trying to organize my novel workings.  I’m usually pretty good about keeping things organized, but when it comes to massive amounts of…

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