Disposable Fiction – The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Part Nine – Goddamn It!

In accordance with ancient prophesy as detailed in the book of Obadiah, PART NINE has appeared. What this part has to do with the extinct nation of Edom, I have no idea. But neither do you, so don’t put on airs!

If you don’t know what is going on by now, there’s not much I can do. Oh! I CAN link PART ONEPART TWOPART THREEPART FOURPART FIVEPART SIXPART SEVEN,  and PART EIGHT.

The Story So Far…

Stuart and Katrina spoke now rather than forever holding their peace at a wedding via a grenade battle at a church, with Lyal hurdling explosives like they were rice. Incidentally, no one was harmed, but all of the refreshments were destroyed save a fruitcake that the Best Man brought as a joke. This is because fruitcakes are essentially indestructible. Stuart and Katrina got away unscathed. Lyal’s scheduling book did not.

After a little sit down, Amy and Angela discussed their bleak and exciting situation. Barbara showed up with the mysterious initials “H.R.” whom they presume is the person behind this. Since none of them know anyone with the initials “H.R.,” the info doesn’t seem to be helpful in the least.

In the meantime, after being placed in the focused-yet-utterly-unstable hands of Sarah, Angie acquiesced to answer any questions that Sarah put to her. She was not prepared for the questions Sarah had in mind.

What’s going to happen next? Wow, aren’t you pushy today? Why don’t you get out of my hair and just read already?!

Disposable Fiction – The Rabbit’s Last Stand: Part Nine – Goddamn It!

“Oh, goddamn it,” Tam muttered. “What’s the situation here?”

Amy and Angela were pinned behind a concrete wall in front of a blue warehouse. They were along the waterfront in the warehouse district. Abandoned forklifts and semi trailers peppered the area in front of the largely abandoned warehouse. It was a brisk 54 degrees fahrenheit outside, with 50% precipitation and a wind gliding over the pier at seventeen miles per hour. The UV index was 6 of 10, with a 20% chance of rain. The moonrise was projected to appear at 7:58pm, with the low predicted to be around…

“Could we just get on with it?” Tam asked.

“Get on with what?” Angela said.

“The sitrep,” Tam said.

Angela looked around. “Warehouse district, kind of nice day, chased Trisha here, fighting ensued. Caught up, Tam?””

Tam nodded. “So have you been able to find out where Trish is in all this mess?”

Amy shrugged. “Look around. She could be anywhere. There’s a thousand places she could be hiding.”

“Why did you follow her here to begin with?” Tam asked.

“Good question,” Amy said, narrowing her eyes at Angela.

Angela frowned. “We’ve been chased so much by Trisha that we haven’t made any headway on The Rabbit. We need to remove Trisha as a threat and then focus up and get Katrina.”

“Yeah, well there’s something you’re not noticing,” Tam said.

“What?” Amy asked.

“Have you noticed that the gunshots are sporadic and random?”

“So?” Angela asked.

“It doesn’t make sense with one shooter. I think we’re looking at at least two shooters.”

Amy and Angela looked at each other, then at Tam.

“There’s no way a single person could be laying in a crossfire like this. It’s obvious you’ve got at least one other shooter out there.”

Angela whispered, “Shit.”

“Shit is right,” Tam said. “Watch this. Take off your jacket.”

Tam helped Angela remove her jacket, then threw her jacket up into the air. Three bullets whipped through, pushing the jacket away.

“Damn it!” Angela yelled. “That was expensive!”

Tam shrugged. “Just making my point.”

“Just ruining my jacket!”

Tam growled, “The point being we have multiple shooters out there, so Trisha isn’t your only worry. We have to get out of this area, perhaps even split up. Right now we have no idea how to locate the shooters.”

Amy sighed. “I think I do. Tam, give me your jacket.”

“Screw you!” Tam explained. “Use your own.”

“Oh fine,” Amy sighed. She reached out and grabbed Angela’s jacket. A bullet smacked the pavement next to Amy’s hand. Another hit the jacket.

“Goddamn it,” Angela yelled out to the area. “Stop shooting my jacket!”

Amy reeled in Angela’s jacket. “Okay, so we know they’re elevated. There’s no way they would have seen me from the ground.” She threw the jacket up. It came back down with no shots fired.

“Thank you!” Angela called out to the shooters.

“Well damn it!” Amy muttered.

Angela frowned. “Why do you guys hate my jacket? What’s the deal?”

“Why would I possibly hate your jacket,” Amy asked.

“That’s what I want to know!” Angela yelled.

“I promise you I don’t hate your jacket,” Amy said.

“I hate being with y’all in a fire fight,” Tam said, “you two always argue.”

“Shut up,” Angela reasoned. “My jacket is ruined.”

“I swear I don’t hate your jacket,” Amy sighed exasperatedly.

“Then give me yours,” Angela said. “Let’s even it up.” Angela lunged for the jacket.

“Get off!” Amy yelled.

“No! I want your jacket to get shot! It’s only fair!”

Amy rolled to the side trying to get away, but Angela seized the hem of Amy’s jacket and started pulling. “See how you like it…”

As she rolled around to get Angela to let go of her jacket, a bullet struck Amy’s left leg.


“Oh, goddamn it, who’s attacking us now?” Katrina asked over the gunfire. She held her Begara B-14 HMR rifle close to her.

“At this point, does it matter?” Stuart asked. Bullets pocked close to his head.

“To be honest, at this point I am a little put out,” Katrina said. “All I did was rob some rich prick. It’s not my fault his ‘countermeasures’ included blowing up his mansion and releasing a tiger.”

Stuart rolled his eyes. “I didn’t even do that robbery with you, yet here I am.”

“I mean I just stole money. A LOT of money, yes. But just money.”


“I mean, the rich have a lot of that just laying round. Otherwise they wouldn’t be the rich.”

Stuart nodded. “True.”

“Okay, I’m stopping this,” Katrina said. “Okay, stop it!” Katrina yelled.

The gunfire ceased.

“You think Lyal is really going to quit that easily?” Stuart said. “I don’t think he liked my art project.”

“I’m just tired of this,” Katrina said.

More bullets pocked around the concrete embankment they were hiding behind. They were squatting on a roof.

“I thought I told Lyal to stop it.” Katrina said.

“You did.”

“He didn’t.”


“Rude!” Katrina said.

“Where the hell is he shooting us from? Where is he?” Stuart asked. Another bullet pinged close to him.

Katrina looked around. “Can’t tell exactly. I think he’s shooting from beneath us, on the ground somewhere.”

“What the hell is that noise?” Stuart asked.

“Bullets smacking into walls? Seagulls?”

“No, some dopey little song.”

“Oh!” Katrina said, and leaned over to the side. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. It was playing a MIDI version of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Stuart rolled his eyes. “Very topical,” he said, then leaned over the side. He narrowed his profile and peeked around the corner, his Cooper M-92 rifle held close to him.

Katrina looked at her phone. “Diana? Why is she calling?” She asked.

“Just a second,” Stuart said. “I think I see a gun or something… black and metallic on the ground. Gonna shoot it and maybe ruin one of this firearms.” He brought his rifle up to his shoulder and peeked through the scope.

“Hello?” Katrina said into the phone.

Katrina?” Diana asked. “Great! You’re alive…”

“So far…”

Stuart shot his rifle, the burst echoing among the buildings.

“What the hell was that?” Diana yelled, “Are you okay?”

“Got it!” Stuart yelled.

“So far…” Katrina said. “We’re up on the roof getting shot at by Lyal. So… what’s up?”

Diana said, “You’ll never believe what Angie told me…”

A bullet smacked against Amy’s left leg. “Goddamn it,” Amy yelled. The complicated metal sheathing around her leg protected her, scattering the bullet away.

“Bulletproof, Trisha! My leg is f*cking bulletproof!” Amy yelled.

Amy…” Angela said.

“Shoot it again, asshole! I dare you!” Amy yelled.

Amy…” Angela said again.

“Come over here and shoot my leg, jackass! I f*cking dare you!”

Amy, settle down,” Tam said.

“No! She tried to shoot my leg again, but THIS time I was ready!”

“Hey!” Someone shouted out in the distance.

“Gonna kick her ASS with my mighty steel leg!” Amy yelled.

“Wait, what was that?” Angela asked.

“That was a prophesy!” Amy yelled.

“No, no… someone yelled something.”

“Hey, you there!” Someone yelled in the distance.

“Someone’s GONNA be yelling while they have my metal-clad calf sticking in them like a puppeteer’s hand!”

“Holy…” Tam said, “Just shut up. Someone is yelling something.”

“Cease fire!” Someone yelled out. “No more shooting!”

“Hell yeah!” Amy yelled. “From now on, it’s pure kicking! And may the woman with the black metal bulletproof leg win!”

“Shut up, Amy,” Angela proposed. “Who is out there?” she yelled.

“It’s Katrina! You’ll never believe what my friend Diana told me!”

At last the principles are in the same region! And in a gunfight, no less? But why… WHY… does Amy hate Angela’s jacket? What did Diana tell Katrina? What is Katrina going to tell Amy, Angela, and Tam?

And most importantly, how am I ever going to wrap up this mess in the thrilling CONCLUSION(?!?!!) to “The Rabbit’s Last Stand?!” (PART TEN to its friends, of which YOU are one!)



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