Apollyon’s Deal Without The Devil

Here is where I show how deep the nerd vein runs. This is from a campaign in a D&D homebrew module called “Midgard” that a friend of mine is running. Apollyon is a tiefling bard who has shaky morals to begin with and has known for a while that his father is a devil, although he has never met him. Tonight is the first time he met his father, who wants to make a deal with him.

It’s just something I threw together with sparse editing or flavoring to help my GM (game master) understand why my bard character is suddenly a Hexblade Warlock. So reader beware: this is incredibly nerdy and is high fantasy. Results may vary. Don’t operate heavy machinery while reading.

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GenCon 2016 – Day TWO (Three)

You know how armies have consistently throughout history prepared for the previous war? I consistently prepare myself for my previous mistake. The upshot is that I live in perpetual fear that I have forgotten something extremely important, but not so important that I would remember it.

The upshotted upshot is that if I knew how to sew my lanyard onto my clothes, I would have.

Welcome to GenCon 2016, Saturday Edition – Day Two (for me)

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GenCon 2016 – Day ONE (Two)

I am irritable around crowds. I succumb to a sweat very easily. I emit a pungent stink when I feel threatened, confused, or bored. I hate people. I am unreasonably nervous around unfamiliar situations. I’m afraid of open spaces, closed spaces, and all spaces in between. Tall ceilings make me suspicious. I am bashful. Masses of strangers make me seek the exits and flee screaming towards the nearest authority figure so I can scramble on top of their shoulders and swing wildly at the nearest passerby. And what’s worse is at least three of these things are true.

So I went to GenCon, the world’s largest gaming convention.

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