Employer/Employee Relations: Batters Up! – by M.D. Ambersaurius


What is it that encourages workers more: fear or love? Easy enough question to answer while you stalk down the cubicle farm waiting to ambush the unsuspecting.

It’s fear, damn you! Fear!

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By M.D. Ambersaurius

From the deskop

Editor’s Note and Origin Story:

I first met M.D Ambersaurius in a mescaline high I took with my friend and spiritual advisor Mescaline Bob. In the vision, I was alone in the desert wearing a parka and holding a hula hoop (pink with glitter) when M.D. Ambersaurius rode up on a giant fumtum (no I won’t explain what that is) complete with saddle and bridle. He told me to “put down your hoop and ride the snake.”

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