The Weekend Redirect – Five Ways to Cope With A Bad Review by Cristian Mihai on IREVUO

Holy cats and kittens! Sometimes I need to take a breath and step back, take good criticism as it comes, and relinquish the bad. The problem is: we writers WANT to be read and enjoyed. The writers who don’t… well, you can tell.

So what happens when you receive a bad review or some stinging criticism. I could not put it any better than Cristian Mihai at IREVUO.

Especially the bit about relaxing and having a beer.



Writers write so readers can read. But what happens when readers decide to do some writing of their own?

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The Conqueror’s Witch – 5: The Six of Swords – Science

Her ship twirled, giving the illusion of a light but comfortable gravity. It was a month-long trip out to Titan in a ship for one. The ship was huge by flight-founder standards, but tiny compared to what Jazmynde was used to. It would be a long and lonely flight out, with no Jupiter in the way to give her a boost in speed.

She would have to spend the time sleeping. Too much isolation would drive anyone insane, even people who appreciate their solitude.

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The Conqueror’s Witch – 1: Four Swords – Truce

There was a gleaming silver sword that lay over his body. His dead hands were knit around the copper-chained grip, ruby pommel snug against the meat of the hands as if it was the only thing keeping the sword from falling off.

He lay in state on a golden and copper altar in the middle of a cathedral once built in his honor. Silence slapped against the marble, amplifying the smallest noise into an interruption.

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