Reading Outside Your Genre

A key point about writing genre novels (and what ISN’T a genre these days) is to read heavily in the genre you wish to write in.

Which, yes, okay… that’s true. If you want to write Romance, read Romance. Take a look at modern trends, look at how the market is going, then take your story and aim for the biggest readership you can get. That’s all fine.

Here’s the problem: ONLY reading within your genre.

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The Weekend Redirect: Balancing Life and Writing: When It Isn’t Exciting

Balancing Life and Writing: When It Isn’t Exciting by Nichole McGhie

When you’re on fire, writing is an exciting whirlwind made in equal parts of unicorns, spaceships, kittens, fireworks, and awesome.

But like anything else, that doesn’t last. And once the flash-blind heady rush flows away, you’re left with a fantastic first draft that really needs work.

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The Worst Good Writing Advice I’ve Received So Far

There are many rules about writing prose fiction. Any creative writing course will drill those rules into you. But don’t be fooled. These “rules” are merely guidelines that help you focus your prose. But they aren’t commandments. I think there is only one real rule so far as prose construction goes:

Rules about writing should be followed, unless they shouldn’t.

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Why Boys Should Read Girl Books

I asked Representation Project staffer Cristina Escobar what happens when boys read only books by males, about males. She said that they will be “taught that girls are objects, that they are prizes that they can win,” and that “boys go out and do things and girls sit back and wait to be rescued.”

This “Weekend Redirect” takes you to Caroline Paul’s excellent article about the need for boys to read “girl books.”

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